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Competitiveness is a totally natural thing. It happens with plants growing, with animals in the wild and particularly with human beings waiting in line for coffee at Starbucks. It cannot be called good or bad, because it is a natural occurrence, and because humans are involved, it is only good or bad because of the people who are being competitive. For example, people running the Olympic 100 metres. Competing on equal terms is fine. Competing with one person who is taking performance enhancing drugs is not.

The most competitive thing I have ever done was find a job in the late 90’s. It felt like there were 200 people going for every job I was going for! Not a pleasant experience. And when I did find a job I was content with, I found the cut and thrust of office politics (a different way of saying competition) too awful to deal with.

In the present British society, competitiveness is not encouraged. Schools are being told not to allow children to win or lose at games and that there are no losers. This is patently liberal wishy washy clap trap. Real life is all about competitiveness and if you don’t learn it at school, where else are you going to be able to learn it.

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