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Competativeness is very natural as many posters have agreed.
There seems however to be strange traditions attached to "winning,"
for instance imagine a competition where the fastest is put in front of all the others at the starting line - bit bizzare?
Thats what they do with car racing.
At the end of the day why should anyone else bother!!
Prize day at a prep school in devon meant watching the regular prize winners do their walk, same boys every time, why should anyone else bother.
Experience has shown that given the right prod anyone will pull harder, the secret is knowing if the prize is worthwhile.
Thus whilst the prizewinners are being congratulated on their performance, no one is in the refreshment tent ------
In business see what the others are doing, then what theyre not and find out why.
What school teaches us is to win at the "game" what i have learnt is to make my own game.
Thus my own rewards.
Nearly everything we do is in one way or another shaped for us - even winning. Isnt it time for a change.

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