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One Vowel Poem Competition

Thank you very much to all our entrants for this competition; it really was a great response, and well done to minorVogonpoet for inspiring it!

The entrants were:

A Vowely Ballad by Robyn Hoode

Won Vow'l Pom by PedanticBarSteward

Kids by Beatrice

Numbskull by Beatrice

Oh, My! by Beatrice

Schoolgirl by Beatrice

Award by Beatrice

Fancy Line Break

And the winner was:

A bottle of Champagne poppingAnother bottle of Champagne popping
A vowely ballad By Robyn Hoode

I miss

His kiss



He went


Oh no!

Don't go

So soon


All days


smiley - birosmiley - birosmiley - biro

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