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The Post 'One Vowel Poems' Competition

Numbskull by Beatrice

Runty mutt turns stunts, but dumb cur hurts

Rusty hut’s shut, but Thurs bus must run

Burly nun hunts furry bunny, but shuns funny spurts

Hush, Shut up, lusty guru just burnt crusty bun


Urdu hurdy-gurdy grunt sung by gutsy Lulu

Yummy Mummy? Slummy Mummy?

UK chum sucks curly wurly, thumbs surly Zulu

Brush plum Turk rug thus, murmur glumly,


Dull slug grubs - unlucky bunch

Fund us; curtly drum us up sums 2 junk

Crunch nutty brunch, duck 4 pub lunch

Sup rum punch, much Burgundy drunk,


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