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Won Vow’l Pom by PendanticBarsteward

Do try to go to Oconomowoc,

Do not knock or mock,

Dhows opt to go by loxodromy,

Oft gooks moot pools of symphysotomy.

Don’t ask how, don’t ask for proof don’t cry,

Look yon on Chrononhotonthologos – why?

Cos, moony sylphs drown from sobs of sorrow,

Fog soon cocoons God’s doom of tomorrow.

Spryly koodoos lock horns on voodoo rhythms,

Boors cock snooks to songs of gypsy hymns

Old crooks down pots of frothy oolong broth,

Floozy dolls hold oblong fonds of troth.

Wordy Goths hold workshops on monophthongs,

Don’t hoot, or honk on hollow pygmy gongs,

Go down too low or hold hot googol-tongs,

Cook doggy food or borrow mojo thongs.

My dhooly boy took not of ort or foy,

Nor trod by foot on mool or sod of goy,

My hollow, foxy ovolo on words doth long,

To hold both crocks of gold - yow - oh joy – won.

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