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As many of you know, Sod's Law is a difficult law to skirt around and has been known to get many people into a lot of trouble.

It has this nasty little habit of sneaking up on people just when they least expect it, forcing turmoil to enter the recipients life.

So this is why I've decided to begin a club. Not much going on here at the moment, I know, but give it time and people will be running in with stories about Sod's Law and what this Law has done to pee them off.

First things, first though...I'm looking for people to become members of the board. Please send a CV with a hand written letter to this A page and you will be notified of your status in due course.

So far we have the following applications, with a few jobs already being taken. They are as follows:

Vicki Virago President
Cal Fortuneswell VICE President
Lil ol' me The Mad Professor
daSilva Doorman
Traveller in Time
Wobbie Dinner Lady
Manson Rocks Cuddle Monster
Scandrea and Tracer
TB Falsename President in charge of Vice
MagWitch Cleaner
2Legs Not quite sure. Will get back to you
Serephina Manager of Schemes Department

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