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Please join myself (Ming) and Insane Endeavor in our protests:

It has come to our attention that it is a tiresome life
for a nail. Everyday someone in the world is bound
to hit an poor, defenseless nail on the head. There
is nothing they can do to defend themselves.
Concussion is normal, a headache obligatory. And
what do they get for this? A small hole from which
to watch the world go painlessly by.

The hammers,
too, get a bad deal. They afterall are used
everyday to thump these innocent nails. Imagine
the guilt trips they must go through, even if they
have no choice.
So now we appeal to you to go easy on the poor things and join us to
Save the Nails and the Hammers. Thank you.

Please join by taking part in a conversation in the forum for this article. That is all you have to do to join us. (But it would be incredibly nice to put a link to us on your homepage, hint hint hint hint hint)

All text by Insane Endeavor.

Researchers who have shown their support so far

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Once again, thank you.

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