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Defiant eh?!!!

Post 21


Thanks Pimms. I was really bumbed out over the cigar! smiley - winkeye

Defiant eh?!!!

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Loup Dargent

smiley - stiffdrink

Defiant eh?!!!

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Kandyman - Keeper of Old Buses

Kandy "Courageous" Man

You are more than a hero/heroine. You are an inspiration to your friends and a respected rival to your worst enemy. You take the big risks to protect your friends, family and country. Not many can walk in your shoes.

Vital Gear
Includes an item of clothing with your country's flag on it, picture of a loved one in wallet and strength of spirit.

Defiant eh?!!!

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Kandyman - Keeper of Old Buses

YOU SCORED: 64.44 %

Not a million miles away.

However our standards are extremely high, and it is unlikely you have what it takes to become a 'Double O'.

Please feel free to take the test again - we will be watching...

There's a lot remaining in your training.
Pick up tips from the man himself.

Defiant eh?!!!

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Kat - From H2G2

Kat "Dashing" Harris

You save the innocent victim with such a flair that they almost forget to get out of the line of fire as they are mesmerized by your performance. Enemies try to bring you low, but you will have none of that! Not when the music is swelling and there is a perfectly good chandelier to swing from!

Vital Gear
Includes a cape that swirls around you when you dance, pearl white teeth for heart-stopping smiles and a clean white shirt for all occasions.

whoohoo!!!! i get a cape!

btw why has a certain person not been around the language thing french dept? *poke*

Defiant eh?!!!

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Loup Dargent

"Pokes back"... Probably because he hasn't had time to update the other stuff accordingly yet...smiley - wah But should get some time off pretty soon and will make up for it then...smiley - winkeye After he has saved the world once or twice more that is, of course...smiley - coolsmiley - stiffdrink

Being an International Wolf of Mystery can be a very busy business at times you know...smiley - biggrin

A cape is nice...smiley - disco Can you fly with it, like?!...smiley - winkeye

Kandyman... smiley - cool [middle] name and description...smiley - stiffdrink

smiley - mod Loup "Heroic" d'Argent smiley - mod

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