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Shelly Cashman Quasney

While perusing through most articles on H2G2, something struck my dim American brain, "Gee, I don't think the British like us very much." Please imagine the previous quote to be in a Monty Pythonesque voice, with vacuous and self important tones. I have seen articles accusing Americans of being fat, stupid, narrow minded, gun toting, aerosol cheese eating, unhumorous poor speakers... just to list a few.
As an American, I am painfully aware of all the stupid and nonsensical things about America. From wretched race relations, the pitiful states of politics and the justice system to the most trivial matters like professional wrestling, and TV evangelists. We are hardly a nation without flaws, but what nation truly is? What has America done to the British? I can't see the British placing too much criticism on a nation in which they had a seminal influence.
If the British possess such superior intelligence, why can't they come up with a more original punch line than "Americans!!" to every single joke? (I'm not suggesting that Americans or anyone else are of superior intelligence, I'm merely suggesting that one's intelligence corresponds to their environment and/or potential.) The American card has been done to death. I know if one is a member of H2G2, then they obviously possess a good sense of humor, so why not use it? Come on Brits! smiley - bigeyes
I know Americans and the British haven't always gotten along. However, there is one thing which we can agree on, hating the French.

America Bashing

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Mike A (snowblind)

The British are terribly good at being narrow-minded xenophobic racists. I should know.

Basically, Brits don't like anything or anyone that's foreign. At least, the vast majority do/don't. You get the people who say "well I think racism in britain is horrid" but they tend to be slightly d/hippy.

Sure, Brits don't always use "Amereicans" as the punch line. Any race, country, religeon or unfortunate attributes to people will go in there, and get an easy laugh.
Actually, anti-America jokes tend to be private things. Britian has a multitude of comedy shows on tv, and I can't really think of any that are openly anti-America (or even inwardly).

As yes, I really don't like the French. smiley - smiley

America Bashing

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Shelly Cashman Quasney

How lovely to finally see a response, and yours to boot. =) I was beginning to think I'd written that post in invisible ink--errr.. invisible font. I was almost convinced that I had to burn a cross in someone's front homepage just to get a conversation started here.
We also have people in America who don't like foreigners. We tend to call them Republicans, though.

America Bashing

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Mike A (snowblind)

If anything I write is even slightly anti-h2g2 mainstream, then people will pick up on it and get angry. You find some right burks here smiley - winkeye

Hmmm, American politics...I've never been one for understanding that *^_^*

America Bashing

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Cheerful Dragon

A while ago I wanted to know why the US pint and the UK pint are different sizes. The question was raised out of curiosity, and yet I got accused of "Yank-bashing". (I think it was on that thread - I have asked several similar questions about differences between the US and Britain, all out of curiosity.) The researcher (who will remain nameless) said that every time s/he saw my name on a conversation thread, I seemed to be having a go at the Yanks. As I had, at that time, posted to at least 100 threads, only a small percentage of which had anything to do with America or Americans, I found this a bit much. In fact, a year or so on, it still rankles. The only posting I have ever made that could be regarded as "Yank-bashing" involved stupid things that Americans have asked their travel agents. As the original source for this was an American, how can I be "Yank-bashing" when I reproduce some of its contents?

Let me say, just for the record, I have only known a few Americans personally. The ones I have met have been very friendly and I've liked them a lot. My in-laws went to the States a few years ago and loved it over there. Most British people tend to judge the inhabitands of the USA by the tourists we get over here, who can sometimes be loud and pushy. I refuse to judge millions by the actions of a handful. I love the fact that Americans do things differently. I love the fact that Americans speak English differently. One day I intend to visit that wonderful country. Several times, in fact, 'cos there's so much of it!smiley - bigeyes

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