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A need for updates

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Correct me if I am wrong but this Conversation was started in 1999, it has been 2 yrs if you were getting paid for this the editor would have told you to take a long walk.

lets open it up for review and see whats been hidden for the last 2 yrs before it's another Roswell Incident; source of secret and wounder.

A need for updates

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Funny thing of it is that there wasn't really anything of concern in this entry. Well not by U.S. standards anyway... hard to say what's eating the Brits as of late as I'm on the other side of the water.

It is a little annoying, though, as I've linked to this entry from my personal entry, and having it lead essentially nowhere is more than a tad bothersome. Of course it seems the moderation team is quite up on the new stuff as a website I mentioned in a journal post just a few days ago has been censored; odd as it just references a game (though a game about conspiracies... makes one wonder), but to each their own I suppose.

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