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Bentley and Heather

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It has been a year since my last Cavalier King Charles Spaniel moved on to her final reward. Her name was Heather, a tricolor of rotund proportions during her later years. She was also stone deaf during her last two years. She was typical of her breed, affectionate but demanding all attention that was available. Never leave an idle hand drooped near her or she would slide her muzzle under it and induce you to pet her.

Bentley was my first Cavalier, a male Blenheim who passed away two years earlier after fighting a losing battle with heart disease. He developed heart problems while we were on a six week trip to Australia. When we picked him up at the animal hospital, the vet's advice was "Don't stock up on dog food" He was given six months to live. With care (and a lot of expensive veterinary treatment) he made it almost three more years in relative comfort.

Both dogs were my travelling companions and they loved to ride in the car, often offering to help me drive.

They have been replaced by a mutt, a stray we rescued off of the street.

Bentley and Heather

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John the gardener says, "Free Tibet!"

Thanks, PANAMA. Heather and Bentley must have been quite something. It's funny that cats never seem to take to driving... ours hasn't, anyway. But then car rides usually mean a trip to the vet's for him.


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