The Virtual Doughnut Blues

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In keeping with the doughnut phenomenon which inhabits this little corner of H2G2 and inspired by Demon Drawer BluesSlider entertainment Inc. is proud to publish The Virtual Doughnut Blues.

The Virtual Doughnut Blues

Doughnut stall self service

And noone seem to be around

Microwave seems broken

And there's sugar on the ground

I'm getting hungry

I've got them Virtual Doughnut blues

That doughnut stall keeps movin'

Its so hard to track down,

My link just keeps a changing,

It really makes me frown,

Can't find my doughnuts,

I've got them Virtual Doughnut blues

Thought I'd help out Joanna

Give the S30 a name

But to avoid another cursing

Won't mention it again

It's the Doughnut unmentioned

I've got those Virtual Doughnut Blues

I woke up late this morning,

I'd had quite a snooze.

Joanna gave me an IWA,

How could I refuse?

What a perfect cure,

For those Virtual Doughnut blues.

I've spoken to Joanna,

We've debated hard and long,

Yet no matter how I tell her,

She keeps spelling "Doughnut" wrong.

I think I'll hit the bottle,

I've got the Virtual Doughnut Blues again.

I got to w*** this mornin',

I had no time to call,

An in-box full of e-mails,

Just kept me from the stall,

Didn't get my breakfast doughnut,

I've got the Virtual Doughnut Blues again.

I ordered a Doughnut

Never got to enjoy it in peace

Got pushed off the keyboard

My father didn't heed my pleas

Let me eat my Donut

Or I'll get those Virtual Doughnut blues

Wandered in this morning

Joanna's not around

Looked for my breakfast doughnut

but no doughnut could be found

Had to get my own JD

I've got the Virtual Doughnut Blues again.

I got a honey doughnut,

'Cause I love that sweet taste,

Then tried to do some writin'

I had no time to waste,

But now my keyboard's sticky,

I got them Virtual Doughnut Blues again.

The Band

Demon Drawer Original artist, verses 1, 3* and 7

BluesSlider Lyric tweaking, verses 2, 6, 8 and virtual Slide Guitar

Croz Verse 4

Bluebottle of the variable extensions Verse 5

Blind Orange Ormondroyd Verse 9

Verses marked * have been tweaked completely without the original author's permission. See the conversation below for the original verse.

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