The Microsoft Blues

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We've all had that 'Microsoft moment', you know, the one where Windoze just crashes for no explicable reason. Usually just before you press the save button on that incredibly long document you've just written. Well, now's your chance to get it off your chest.

The Microsoft Blues

My proxy server,

It dies each day.

Aitch two Gee two,

Just goes away.

one-double oh-six-one,

my connection's being refused.

I am the network admin,

and I got the Microsoft Blues

I logged in this morning,

in code page 852,



Can'tt get a sdelete key

My keyboards all confused

I am the frustrated user

and I got the Microsoft Blues

Got to work, this morning,

Of computing I was bereft

My NT server had Blue screened,

Blue screen of death,

Everybodys' yelling

and the Boss had blown a fuse

At least once a week I get these,

I get the Microsoft Blues

I know the future,

Seen what is gonna be

I found me Linux

Its my new baby

More stable than NT server

With more scalability

Now I got Bill Gates off my back,

No more Microsoft Blues for me

The Band

Crescent ACE Verses 1, 3*, 4*

Duncan Jones Verse 2*

Entries marked * have been tweaked/added to completely without the original author's permission (except for verse 3 'cause Crescent said I could if I needed to, honest).

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