The Virtual Blues II

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The Virtual Blues II

Tried to log in this morning,

H2G2 wasn't there,

I couldn't check my postings,

I'm in the depths of despair

Without my H2G2

I got them Virtual Blues again...

Went for coffee this morning,

Couldn't find the Aroma Cafe.

Wondered what had happened

Had Vogon's blown H2G2 away.

No more |_| of BB,

I've got those virtual blues again...

I'm practically crying,

I'm about ready to explode,

No matter how hard I'm trying,

The Front Page won't load,

I'm surfing at 0 mph

I've got those Virtual Blues again...

Where is everybody????

I swear no-one's on the guide!

No-one replies to me -

Where is it that they hide?

I really NEED some company,

I've got those Virtual Blues again...

What's happened to Beaker,

That pervert good and true?

And where is The Grim Squeaker ?

Seems he's gone missing too.

This verse goes out to absent friends,

I've got them Virtual Blues again.

Been sittin' at my screen too long,

It's dangerous when you're older.

So now I've got a stiff neck,

And an aching shoulder.

The screen's seized up in sympathy,

I've got them Virtual Blues again.

The Band

Blind Orange Ormondroyd Original concept and Virtual Blues verses 1 ,2, 5*, 8*, 12, 13 (After Tennessee Ernie Ford), 17, 19 and 21 and Virtual Blues II verses 5 and 6

BluesSlider Lyric tweaking, Virtual Blues verses 4,7 and Virtual Blues II verse 1 and virtual Slide Guitar

Bluebottle (He of the variable name extensions) Virtual Blues Verses 3*, 9*, 11*, 14, 15 and 22 and Virual Blues II Verses 3 and 4

English Ben Virtual Blues Verse 6

Crescent ACE Virtual Blues Verse 10*, the original is better but it's a whole new song which is now here.

Demon Drawer Virtual Blues Verse 16 and original inspiration for The Virtual Doughnut Blues and Virtual Blues II verse 2

Zmrzlina Virtual Blues Verse 18*

Metal Chicken Virtual Blues Verse 20*

Verses marked * have been tweaked, completely without permission of the original authors , to see the original versions go to the discussion below.

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1I couldn't get any more verses on the original article

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