A Conversation for The House of Relaxation ;-)

Soothing Massage X

Post 21


::still asleep, four days later::

smiley - zzz

Soothing Massage X

Post 22

Demon Drawer

*peers head around door*

I hear some snoring....

*spots sleeping customer*

I'll be back in a minute.

*sneaks out quietly*

Soothing Massage X

Post 23

Demon Drawer

*returns with a bucket of water*

Lovely a cold. Here goes.

*throws it at customer*

Hello are we still alive down there?

Soothing Massage X

Post 24


::thanks to her superultra force field, the water bounces back and soaks Demon Drawer to the bone::

Thanks for the wake up call!

Soothing Massage X

Post 25

Demon Drawer

*sloshes out*

You're welcome.

Never let it be said I've led the dimise of the apostrophe.

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