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Soothing Massage IX

Post 21

Titania (gone for lunch)

*by now, FG should experience a surprising feeling of heat in the area around 'hump' and just below shoulders*

*it would be the sensation of fresh, warm blood flowing into previously tensed muscles*

Muscle tension seems to block the blood circulation in said muscles...

*puts her palms together*

*rubs them together back and forth* This bit is a bit difficult to explain*

*the sides of her hands thunder into each side of FG's spine*

*going down*

*going up*

*creating an envigorating feeling*

Soothing Massage IX

Post 22

Titania (gone for lunch)

*gives FG's back a couple of long, smooth strokes to round off*

*gets a woollen blanket and drapes it over FG to keep her warm*

Now, if you could turn around on your back, I'll finish off with my scalp massage...smiley - smiley

Soothing Massage IX

Post 23


*rolls over like a dog obeying its master* smiley - winkeye

Soothing Massage IX

Post 24

Titania (gone for lunch)

Yeah - the only reason I do this is the feeling of power I have over people - muahahahaaa! Eh - just kidding...smiley - smiley

*sits down on a stool at the head end of the table*

*places both her hands under FG's head, taking a wide and soft grip around the base of her skull*

*pulls ever so gently and carefully, millimetre by millimetre, delicately elonging FG's spine, allowing every single vertebra to fall back into its place, making FG feel r-e-a-l-l-y t-a-l-l*

*carefully releases grip, and notices that FG's spine does remain elongated - a good sign, as this signals that the muscles are now pretty relaxed*

*starts the scalp massage: petrissage all over skull, and every now and then taking a firm grip of a /big/ tuft of hair, giving it a gentle pull, releasing, petrissage, grip, pull, petrissage, grip, pull, petrissage*

When one of my friends did this to me while I was sitting up cross-legged sideways on a sofa and she was sitting opposite of me , I didn't wake up until she started complaining that I was breaking her wrists by leaning so heavily on them...smiley - bigeyes

*tip toes out of the room*

Soothing Massage IX

Post 25


*sleeps peacefully like the proverbial baby, a big baby with an light snore* smiley - zzz

Soothing Massage IX

Post 26


I was lucky enough to once have a good friend that was a massage therapist IRL. She would half her going rate for a full-body massage for me, and instead of the usual hour, would go until she felt my body completely relax--a good 90 minutes.

Whenever I have gotten a massage, or a hair cut (the stylist playing with my hair and essentially my scalp), or someone's scratching my back, or even if I *watch* someone else having all these things done to them I get this warm, tingly feeling that rises from my diaphragm and spreads throughout my head and limbs. It's a very warm, very odd yet relaxing sensation. My friends tell me that it's a sign I might be easily hypnotizable, since I go into a little trance when I feel this way.

In fact, reading this thread I had that "glow"! smiley - biggrin

Thanks! smiley - angelsmiley - cakesmiley - rainbowsmiley - rosesmiley - chocsmiley - kiss

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