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the excellent articles featured.

  • 22.03.07

    A packed issue, bursting with good things. There's a huge number of quality articles, including a new Great Knolly and the welcome return of 'Meet Mr Inquisitor'. It's very appropriate so have so many new series, as the vernal equinox is imminent, and a cheerfully busy EMR wishes the readers a 'Happy Spring'.

  • 05.04.07

    Now here's a question. Who said 'If I was going to take a pop at anyone, it'd probably be [Radio Two DJ] Steve Wright'? The answer is hidden somewhere in this issue. While you're finding the answer, you might like to read about B'Elana's hot-chocolate-related joy, Websailor's love of mealworms (she doesn't eat them, you understand) - or you could even help KDixonDonnelly decide where to live. We also see the welcome return of the CAC Continuum after a rather long Christmas dinner.

  • 19.04.07

    EMR rushes in late, apologises, plugs the h2g2 Aviators and runs straight back out again. There's plenty to detain you here, though. One of the very best of Mr Inquisitor's inquisitions (with Lil) takes place, Rear View goes to Donegal and tells us how to fall off a bike, and Cal's story has the slightly alarming title of 'Alien Tales and Rather Big Snails'. It's that sort of issue.

  • 03.05.07

    h2g2 celebrates its eighth birthday, and the occasion is marked by an editorial that EMR herself reckons is 'lengthy'. The AViating theme continues, with B'Elana providing not just an article but a poem about the group as well. Clever gal. Elsewhere, we find the last part of 'Mistaken Identity', 'On the Subject of Pie' and 'Bertie...' march ever onwards, and Websailor visits some places that inspired the writing of JRR Tolkien.

  • 17.05.07

    For those of us too old to remember them too well, EMR gives a stress-filled editorial under the title of 'Exams Exams Exams Exams'. Happily, there's plenty to be cheerful about in this issue, not least in the Cartoons with three - yes three - pages of Platypus Dancing and a cracker from Waz. And it's that time of year again; Mu Beta gives us his usual sparkling Eurovision review. This issue's poems are exceptionally good, led by an epic from ATinyDistantVoice, and Mr Inquisitor meets Danny B. As issues go, it's definitely a pass.

  • 31.05.07

    No edition this week.

  • 14.06.07

    After a fortnight off, The Post returns - minus Skankyrich who is taking a break for part of the summer. The Features in this issue are particularly excellent, with contributions ranging from moving house to English sin via computer games. Elsewhere, Escape Pod Dreams gives us more reasons why governments and sausages are repulsive. Fantastic stuff.

  • 28.06.07

    No edition this week.

  • 12.07.07

    It must be summer. The UK has been drenched with rain, and EMR is getting her exam results. It's a good issue for number-watchers; there's episodes 13 and 14 of h2g2 Storytime, episode 15 of The Tale of Three Weapons and number 16 in the On the Subject of Pie series. Rear View and A Yanks Searches For a House in Brum both feature for the eighth time. If you add all these together and two lots of 42, you get 148 - the exact number of times Escape Pod Dreams has featured in The Post. Fascinating.

  • 26.07.07

    Still raining in the UK, and it's blown the BBC servers. Not content with having a holiday like everyone else, the eternally busy EMR - where does she get her energy? - decides to spend her summer learning Latin. As the summer holidays have just begun, it's a fairly quiet issue, but there are some great articles. We even have a new feature for you, as King Bomba begins his series of Working Stiffs interviews with h2g2 Researchers by talking to Matt. Elsewhere, B'Elana takes up Nordic Walking, Lil gets poetic about ACEing, Websailor has some distinctly unpleasant visitors and we have a double bill of Platypus Dancing.

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