Talking Point: Discrimination

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Discrimination can happen to anyone, at any time. It can happen because in the eyes of the beholder you are the 'wrong age', the 'wrong sex', the 'wrong religion', 'wrong colour', or you might be just plain 'wrong'. It is based on prejudice, opinions based not on reason or experience, but on pre-judgements that are made about stereotypes of certain types of people.

Being denied housing, jobs, access to public places or simply being shunned by society can be very painful, and difficult to deal with. Having to hide your sexuality, or perhaps a petty crime long in your past, in order to be able to attain the civil rights that should be available to everyone is not easy.

  • What is discrimination, and how can we avoid it?

  • Have you had to face discrimination?

  • How can we avoid teaching our prejudices to the next generation?

  • What other types of discrimination are there?

  • How should we deal with discrimination when we find it?

  • Should everyone get involved when they see discrimination happening, even if it doesn't affect them?

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