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Have you ever had the over welming urge to say something you shouldn't? Well one day I was minding other peoples business in the Thingites page, when I couldn't help myself, I had to say it - THURSDAY!!!. You can see the thread here

Doesn't that make you feel so much better. Don't get me wrong I think the Thingite cause is a noble one, but I would feel much better if Thursday (there I said it again!) was right out there in the open, and not hiding there under the banner of Thing.

So if like me you are tired of being repressed by not being able to say the T word, then come and join the No-Things!

Current Members

Interesting Fact: A chair has multiple well as being a chair
Hobbies: Creating mischievious little thissmiley -
Shoe Size: 9 (UK)

Interesting fact: It's imposible to lick your elbow.
Hobbies: Being e-vil, playing paintball, playing guitar
Shoe size: 13(usa)

Interestingfact: it is buy one get one free at my local nightclub on a THURSDAY
Hobbies: this, what i am doing now oh, and drinking.
Shoe size: 11 (uk)

Dr Anthea
Interesting fact: pianists and violinists should never co-habitat the same house it will all end in broken strings....
hobbies: playing violin and reading Terry Pratchett
shoesize: 8(uk)

The Anvil One
Shoe size:12(uk)13(usa)
Hobbies: Origami, Kicking things.
Fact: There is no spoon

Spookacious O
Interesting Fact: I am the funniest guy in the world. And if you think that's a joke - you just proved me right!
Hobbies: Being cool, being funny, and Posting Nonsense!
Shoe Size: 7 (UK)

Deux Ex Machina
Interesting Fact: I irritated the thingites by ruining their glory of the 42K post.
Hobbies: sleeping knowing that THURSDAY is nice and safe
Shoe Size: slightly bigger than my foot

Fact: Smashing glass over the floor is never a safe thing to do.
Hobby: Music!
Shoe size: Seven (UK)

hobbies : "causing mischief n generally being a pain in the a**e"
shoe size : 8

fact:smiley - eat smiley - - smiley -
hobbies: magic smiley -
shoe size: 4 (uk)

Fact: Thursdays are the first day of the weekend
Shoe Size : 11(UK)
Hobbies: Web Design, Fishing, Music and Music!

Existential Elevator
Shoe size: 4 and 1/2 (uk)
Interesting fact: [no comment was left]
Hobbies: bemusing people, talking to bemusing people

IluvatarFact: The Anvil One meant to say "there is no smiley - "
Shoe size: Bigger than a paramecium and smaller than a giant space goat.
Hobbies: Pretending to fit in.

Sir Oakie
FACT: I feel alot more like I do now than I did before.
HOBBY: Bowling with donuts.

Stealth® 'Bad Influence' Kam.
Interesting Fact: I like tequila...
Hobbies: Being quite odd...
Shoe Size: 11 (UK)

hobby: string figures
shoe size: flipper


Jerk Gently
Interesting fact: Thor(Norse God) seems to have a whole day named after him......THURSDAY!!!!
Hobbies: collecting Mad Magazine (article soon to be submittrd to PR)
Shoe size: lemme check....I always forget. 9 USA

Interesting fact: You'd be surprised at how many things a stake through the heart will kill
Shoe size: 14(UK)
Hobbies: Watching Buffy

Interesting fact: Erm... Eagles may soar. But Weasels don't get caught on Jet engines!
Hobbies: Playing online games (Not those free ones, the other ones)
Shoe size: 9 UK

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