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The Greedy Guts Issue

Is this the place?

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We all love food, so it seemed appropriate to do a food
issue. Remember - a moment on the lips, a week on the hips...

Ah, fast food chicken. Mouth wateringly divine!(?)

A10071523 by U1665007

smiley - chick

This could explain the age old question as to why there is
never any blue food (except blueberries...)

A10071758 by U1287113

smiley - blue

If we are doing human food, it only seems fair that we do
some non-human food

A10071947 by U102417

smiley - cat

For years now we have been using food as a way to fill a
gap, but in home improvements?

A10072559 by U182207

smiley - eureka

Humans. A nice tasty treat

A10073657 by U206967

smiley - huh

Mexico. The place of real men. So what's all this about a
pink palace?

A10074106 by U99875

smiley - yikes

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