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Welcome to Pleasure, Pain and Permanence, H2G2's new Body Modification Appreciation Society!

A society for those amongst us with a penchant for modifying our bodies, through ink, piercing, branding, scarring, corseting or any other media. Here is a place where anyone can discuss our current and future modifications, debate about techniques, ask for information on new and different modifications, ask opinions and just generally share their ideas.

Everyone's welcome, and if you're wanting to join, just toss a post in somewhere down in the forum conversation below that details your modifications (or the ones that you'd like to have!) and we'll get you up as soon as possible!

Ideas for content for the main page, links to entries and sites about body modification and general GuideML help are also welcome, so feel free to speak up and add your two cents.


This list will be updated as often as possible. Hopefully at least once every couple of days, if the need is great enough.

To get yourself added, just add a thread down in the forum that details your modifications (or those you'd like to have), and we'll do the rest!

  • U188375 - Current Modifications: Three piercings in her right ear. One piercing in the left. Teal/Purple Wyvern tattoo on her lower back. Dyed hair (Red, blonde. Sometimes purple).
    Future Modifications: Oriental Dragon on the back of her right shoulder. Celtic knots on the inside of both wrists. And Corsets. smiley - winkeye

  • U188061 - Current Modifications: An oriental dragon tattoo on his left bicep/upper arm/shoulder and a crow on a stone cross on his right shoulder blade.
    Future Modifications: Another dragon, curling around his arm and up over his shoulder with the head on his pec. Potential other tattoos include a barcode with a DNA double helix beneath it on his spine, at the base of his neck. And after next payday, he'll have an eyebrow piercing!

  • U216668 - Current Modifications: His eyebrow, tongue, bottom lip and left ear (twice) are all pierced.
    Future Modifications: Two more eyebrow piercings (to make three all up!), his nipple, a tattoo (of what, he's not sure) and a branding.

  • U189219 - Current Modifications: Sat has a tattoo between her shoulderblades, of a black and grey 3d cross of cracked and weatherbeaten stone, wrapped about with a thorn. Dyed hair.
    Future Modifications: Her lip, nose and a "Madonna" one day. Perhaps some teflon implants in her wrists. A whole bunch more tattoos (including a Junko Mizumo one for the inside/top of her forearm). And maybe some scarification. And she's a corset fan too!

  • U290 - Will give us the details of her current and future modifications soon.

  • U204689 - Current Modifications: Dyed hair, anywhere from black to midnight blue and violet (depending on her mood smiley - winkeye). Two piercings in one ear and three in the other, a navel piercing, and her nose has been pierced on both sides.
    Future Modifications: A tattoo, perhaps some Egyptian heiroglyphs?

  • U189159 - Used to have: Pierced: septum, nose, upper ears, tragus, eyebrow (now all gone - either grown out, or removed).
    Current Modifications: Two piercings in each ear, tongue piercing, and a black rose tattoo on her hip.
    Future Modifications: Another tattoo - lower back, possibly a gemini symbol (Her star sign) or a dragon of some sort.

More names will be added, as well as sites, articles and general other bits and bobs as they're added to the discussion. Enjoy!

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