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Hello .

Good day to you and welcome to ViSA - the Viewer Supporters Association.

The Cause.

I have created this page in response to ViTH , now known as ViTAL.

I felt that it was important to allow those of us who enjoy the tag to be able to express their support of its use wherever they find it and perhaps have a league table of the best and worst examples.

Please feel free to add your support by creating a new conversation below and as an when I learn how to do so I will add the User space and who found it to the entry itself!

The Code.

For those that wish to know how to make use of the tag, here is the GuideML.

The above Welcome (without the box).

<P>Hello <VIEWER/>. Good day to you and welcome to ViSA - the Viewer Supporters Association.

The following two add the viewers name to the top of the "Post to a conversation" page and to the Conversation itself. You must place either one or both between <GUIDE> and <BODY> at the top of your user page for them to work. I think it only works with conversations started on your own space. (I welcome correction on that point). smiley - handcuffs Change the text contained within the tags to suit your needs (or mood)

<FORUMTHREADINTRO><CENTER><P><HEADER><B>Welcome, <VIEWER/>, I see you have come to read my messages, eh?</B></HEADER></P></CENTER></FORUMTHREADINTRO>

<ADDTHREADINTRO><CENTER><P><HEADER><B>Thank you, <VIEWER/>. I'm chuffed that you have decided to leave a message. I will reply when I get it! </B></HEADER></P></CENTER></ADDTHREADINTRO>

Please copy these three examples as they appear on the page. If you replace the A in the address bar with "test" you can look at the GuideML, however you will not be able to copy the tags as they have to be altered in order to quote them. smiley - sorry. Go here to learn more GuideML, the Markup Language of the Guide.

And finally...

It's been great to have you visiting this entry, and I do hope that you will lend your support.


Many thanks to Taliesin -- (more or less) for the Badge at the top

Member list

  • - This is what your name will look like in the member's list !
  • U200606 - founder - trying hard to think of creative ways to use the tag.
  • U189338 - the best thing since Clan Thing.
  • U167550 - always searching for new ways to annoy and befuddle.
  • U198984 - just because.
  • U200238 - YEAAAAH!!!! let's use the <VIEWER/> tag in various original/interesting/exciting ways... /:o).
  • U215932 - its all in good fun so count me in too.
  • U202180 - long live viewer tags!
  • U222708 - the infrequent visitor.
  • U224749 - loves the <VIEWER/> tag Rules, and shameless self-promotion!
  • U173821 - loves to confoozle people on their PS.
  • U236130 - can't imagine why people don't like the tag.
  • U8401460 - the newest and fluffiest member of the club.

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