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unwieldy wheelbarrows

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Great entry smiley - biggrin Learnt a good deal from this. Only marred by a few unwieldy sentences that needed to be read a few times to sort out what was meant. I'd suggest alternatives but I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment smiley - run


unwieldy wheelbarrows

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Trout Montague

That's not unwieldy, it's ...


... baroque!

baroque 'n roll

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Well possibly smiley - smiley I love a well-constructed sentence with clauses and sub-clauses as much as Ben, but I'd say the one below has more a 'patchwork' feel to it, not assisting ready comprehension:

"This is an entirely useless contraption as it carries nothing, and in fact, to boot, except perhaps among Chinese acrobatic circus troupes, does not require a wheel."

Pimms smiley - winkeye

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