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Aliens, the evidence!

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I've witnessed them! Look here! Proof!


Aliens, the evidence!

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what a great kink sorry link the guy or gal i suppose must be nuts ,in a nice way
thanks for thatsmiley - tongueout

Aliens, the evidence!

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I don’t know if you are aware of this series of book or not but it makes comparison of reports easier and discloses patterns because the reports are pared down, to the barest minimum.

For instance in 1917 there was a case of a UFO seen and animals in the area found dead, drained of blood and I’m sure this is not the only report of this kind I remember reading. All this before Linda Moulton Howe and the modern era of cattle mutilations. 

On top of this in the same book is another incident of a Rip Van Winkle type event.  A man found himself 15 years in the future with no recollection of missing time (pre-1930). He was a hobo, who years later underwent hypnosis, revealing aliens from underground had kidnapped him, taking out his brain in an experiment. Sound like fantasy? Well after he died an autopsy revealed that he had had cranial surgery, which is unlikely for a tramp is it not?

Other reports in the series disclose facts like maybe there are more UFO crashes that previously thought and these pre-second world war ones may still be buried where they crashed.  Time for metal detecting?

It also reveals waves that included specific countries - Russia, France, Brazil, America, UK. It also supports consistent types of beings and approach but not necessarily tied to a particular nation as some writers have said. 

The series also reveals incidents that seem to disclose consistent Sasquatch and Werewolf incidents as well as reports of Mermaids.  The interesting point about the latter is that witness descriptions show consistency in the beings having dolphin like tails, despite illustrations showing fish scales depicted instead.  So much for artistic license!

It is like Stigmatics - those bearing the supposed wounds of Christ. According to artistic works of the medieval period, Christ has hung on a T shape cross, with nails driven through his palms and feet but Historians have shown that this is not how the Romans punished prisoners.  The Crosses were X shaped and the nails were driven through the wrists and ankles.

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