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suburban sighting of ufo,sept 1976

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have been troubled for many years by sighting of extraordinary craft over west derby area of liverpool,most vivid and palpable memory that will remain for rest of my life,including clear view of underside of craft.Left shaken by the intimidating strangeness of the technology apparently involved,with sound-vibration effects on body.Clear,sustained view,leaving me feeling unable to categorise or match to any known aircraft.Not a "religious" experience, not a "contactee" event.Have remained virtually silent until now, but would like to discuss the nature of this with informed persons.The overall impression was not one of enlightenment, or feeling "special" in any way, but rather one of complete strangeness and a sense of being developmentally many thousands,or millions of years behind whatever, or whoever, had produced such a powerful,and seemingly "flawless, machine. I am a very well educated person, but had this thing either landed, or tried to "contact" I would have felt overpowering fear.Can even now reproduce graphically,the form and nature of this.Would like to discuss,but fear ridicule.

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suburban sighting of ufo,sept 1976

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