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axtra terrestrial theory

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Alex Mayonaise

I dont know if anyone is going to read this anyways, but ill share my theory anyways.

I believe that "aliens" (well the stereotypical ones anyways) are, simply, a super-evolved race of humans. Look at the way technology is changing, an the adaptations that would be made in order to accommodate for these changes. We are becoming less and less dependant on verbal communication and more and more so on written, e.g. texts, ims, emails etc, hence the big eyes we see on the common aliens of pop culture. this would also explain why teir mouths and ears are so small. they have no need for them, their long, versatile fingers as well, perfect for typing etc. Another point I will make is the pale skin of the aliens, we as a race are becoming more and more reclusive, deciding to stay indoors and shy away from the sun.

these fourth kind encounters, i believe, are a way for "them" to monitor the progress of our evolution. just my opinion anyways...

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axtra terrestrial theory

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