A Conversation for Close Encounters with Extra-terrestrials


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Researcher 238236

extra terrestrials...?leave alone the encounters ..they may be at the most dismissed as brain fabrications...unless u r one u cant beleive them....
and movies,fictions...again tell us only imagined weird stuff...can be dismissed as trash....
and always expecting a spaceship..with almost humanlike ugly monstrous beings meeting u with guns...ugh....
and latest science reports say nothing but an eagerness to find some life proof in mars at least a million year back...
why dont we just think differently...?
why would an alien be stupid enough to enter this earth and get the pentagon aiming for his capture..?
or would he even understand the narratives of our brains and go along with our life stories..?
without the codes of perception created by this brain...how much would he understand earth..?!
may be he may be no HE at all...or even a SHE...!not even "IT"...
he may not have our reproduction system and our type of bodies..
may be they are technologically lower in grade ..but superb at brain manipulations..?
earth seems to be still probing the doorsteps of psychology..or brain stuff..so say the top ones of the brain-sciences..!
aliens are only probing our brains from somewhere ....?
manipulating our brains randomly,,...?
trying out their research on earth by connecting some brain models to randomly picked earth beings...?
and we ..if not protected by reason to guide us..may be just be having
visions of gods...ufos...ghosts...and remain stupid enough to be their "rats" in their universal laboratory?
or even get brilliant ideas in science to change our perceptions of the universe..?
unless our brains can think outside the brain...we may not find the answer...
what can rats on earth test tube know about the alien researcher..?

sorry..this is not to offend anybody that i cry out these words..
i have been doing a lot of thinking...studies...and find that no alien would enter the earth atmosphere and encounter us directly...
if he is a martian who had his life origin traced back to millions of years before earth started to cool down...
wont he be more cleverer than the earthlings...?
or may be even primitive in cultural levels...?
or may be using our earth research of galaxies to understand the universe by capturing our brain patterns..!
or we the brain roses in his brain-garden of earth..?
after all he need not know the language...
he has to get the signals translated...that is all...
i have more research done in a private level...
of course without maths and equations ...!
i am actually dissapointed that such a nonsupernatural logical alien existence is not yet the theme of sciencefictions..
after aill an alien..
another DNA VIRUS..or some such thing in some weird planet like us..
may be he does not even know how to build a space ship....and waiting for our brains to develop them so he can capture the science through our brains..!
why not think of all probabilities....instead of ugly skeletonlike martians coming out of spaceships..and killing us all recklessly...!
would we do such things if we go to other planets..?
will we be the ugly creatures of their movies..?
will they have movies depicting us as creatures primitive enough to use sex as our reproduction-medium...and die as a consequence..?
these are just my thoughts..
i have been guided by not science fictions and science movies..but
some indirect guidance from..
v.ramachandran..{thanks a million to bbc..for i reached the heavens when i heard his voice in bbc reith lectures...thanks again}
richard dawkins....{my gods melted in his presence}....
stephen hawkins...{wow!}
john gribbins...(i call him my science teacher}...
lee smolin...
and of course..newton..eienstein....darwin...
and many many more..in discovery channels...science guidelines in bbc..etc...etc..
and all these people turned by irrational religion-infected brain to a sceptical rational truth-searching brain..
thanks to all the top brains on earth..
love all those who are after truth in h2g2 world...
i still need time to understand h2g2..
meanwhile i just felt like pouring my thoughts...
if anybody wants to argue or agree..leave a message...
even if be an alien...on earth.........
i like myself to be called an alien kid...
so anyone who wants to address me call me "etkid"....


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What the? I get it. I don't think anyone truly believes the sci-fi junk they see, and exspect to see ET with a 9mm hand gun. The variations are unlimited. We have tens of millions of life forms on this planet and only one with technology. It is likely the universe is full of life and only a few forms will need or develope space travel or technology of any kind.


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I had a close encounter with an Allen once, which is a bit like an alien. He wanted to borrow ten quid.


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>>We have tens of millions of life forms on this planet and only one with technology.

Yeah, Damn Mice.


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Damnned even.....

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