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It's all crap. Pears Cylopedia states that it is an American concoction as they don't have any history to boast about. Most reluctantly I admit that this is true. The only UFO I ever think exists is Linda Tripps in USA The Perfumo Scandal gal LOL!....don't remember that story though but I think it's good gossip to rake up and refresh memories of old timers.


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I saw a UFO once. It was very interesting. It was orange and blue and green and yellow and puple. I think everyone should believe in everything until it is proved wrong. Makes for a happier wourldsmiley - smiley
I want some chocoltesmiley - choc


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Makes for a stupider world.


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I too believe there is a conspiracy theory - Though not in the way most humans percieve it. Civilizations have been knicking around for thousands of years. Funny that technology; as we know it, only began about two hundred or so years ago? I think we are descendants from a number of aliens sent from another planet to technically advance, the then inhibitants, so that the process of completely destroying ourselves can be speeded up! I'd better hurry up and boild that egg!


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I strongly believe in UFO's because of several reasons. One is,in my opinion,a pretty obvious one. WE ARE ALIENS. sure,weare humand beings but we are living things in the universe and to other living organisms in the univeres WE may be considered as aliens. since what we know here on earth is not considered "alianated" to us,i mean,we're ued to seeing each other as black,white or whatever,with one mouth,nose, 2 ears and eyes and so on and so forth,but for what we call aliens for them THEY are perfectly normal and we're weird. most people describe aliens with big eyes and stuff and it freaks them out cause they also think they are bizzar looking,but the question in my opinion is what they think of us. obviously they have much more advanced technology than we do cause they (or some of them) have already examind some of our specimines.
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For all we know, there is so much more to know.
And when we know that, we will know to grow.


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People of Earth. This is Janista Benszisnad. Allow me to be the first to introduce my species to you. Oooops, Sorry, I've ran out of time. Our life expectancy is quite short. Bye. smiley - tea

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