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Emily 'Twa Bui' Ultramarine

Maybe it's just me that's picky, but 'Utensils used to eat Chinese' means utensils used to eat Chinese people. Worrying. Maybe a 'food' addition might be in order.


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i think it's alright since chinese food is specified in the subject f the entry and in the actual text itself. what did u think of the entry?

spooksmiley - santa


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Connie L

I agree with Santa. In the context, I guess we can accept this licence with grammar.
It works the same in French.
Even here (that's Taiwan, where we almost ALWAYS eat Chinese), we often say "let's eat French", or "Let's eat Thai". It is almost as if the adjective had an adverbial use. And nobody will actually enjoy a canibalistic dinner...
We won't, however, say "let's eat British"... smiley - winkeye

On the article itself :
I am horrified to learn that I've been eating "the peasant way" ever since I moved here. So does my mother in law, and 80% of my friends. smiley - tongueout
I am not sure how you'd classify the remaining 20% : holding chopsticks in a fist, noisily pushing food from bowl directly into mouth.
I used to label them "peasant"... But I think one always is someone's else peasant...

And we smile anytime we see a 'foreigner' (I am one myself, although of early adoption) eating "lady style"... thinking they might not eat much during their stay !
A 'local' eating that way would look poorly educated, I guess.

Actually, spoon + chopstick is the ideal and most frequent combination.
For rice, in theory, you are supposed to use a spoon if it is in a plate, and chopsticks if eating from a bowl.

But Chinese (people) do not have so many formal rules as to what should or should not be done during meals. As long as you do not stick your chopsticks into your bowl of rice, you are safe (this is the way offerings are presented to gods and ancesters, therefore not a pretty sight among the livings).

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