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I'm fine, thanx.

Yeah, Finnish should be difficult. I know a swearword in Finnish, but I thing that just about wraps it up. Old language though, very true to original form, or so I'm told.

One weeks vacation starts 2DAY! smiley - cool

Say hi to the American from me. See ya later.


Practical chopsticks and slurping soup

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Brontë Babe (orig. 'Lizzy Gold' but fancied a change of name)

Will say 'hi' for you. We've been very busy this week, visiting various German cities. We spent the weekend in Hamburg and went to Aachen on Monday. Graham and his friend Ella went to Cologne on Tuesday while I stayed at home in bed nursing a cold, smiley - ill but I joined them again yesterday for the trip to Bonn. Unfortunately Graham also has a cold and is now suffering from the fact that he didn't take a day off...he's really quite unwell. smiley - sadface We're going to show Ella round Dortmund today, but I think we'll be taking it easy.

I'm off on a four-day trip to Prague today, yippee! smiley - boing Graham and I are going to meet a friend their as well as see the beautiful city.

Doing anything particular over the vacation? How much time do you get off? Enjoy the break from work (and the kids!) smiley - biggrin

Take care, ttyl, Lizzy smiley - cake

Practical chopsticks and slurping soup

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Brontë Babe (orig. 'Lizzy Gold' but fancied a change of name)

Oh - will be away from h2g2 now until Tues at the earliest.
Liz smiley - smiley

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Whye do everybody have a cold these days?

Ole and I went on a one-day mini-cruise, but only because we were going to do nothing but hang around on the ferry. In fact, had it been anything else, he would probably have had to cancel it, as he was busy doing the sneezing. As is, we had a great trip and won more money on the onboard roulette than we spent on the entire trip - tickets and food included. Not bad at all!

And me, who loathed playing the roulette... But he convinced me to try and from now on, I'll use 17 as my lucky number! (For a while, anyway.)

It's one week and even if it is soon over, it's still quite great. MMmmMMmmMMmm, relaxation. Sleeping in. Staying up late (anything past ten). Taking the time to cook great foods. MMmmMMmm!

Practical chopsticks and slurping soup

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Brontë Babe (orig. 'Lizzy Gold' but fancied a change of name)

I don't know why, but everyone catches a cold in February. It's just one of the great things about this wonderful month, along with the rain, the dark, etc, etc. I think February is my least favorite month of the year. At least it's nearly over now.

Sounds like you had a great time on your mini-cruise. Who is Ole, by the way? Well done on all your winnings!!! smiley - wow (Just make sure it isn't addictive... smiley - winkeye).

Prague was amazing. Have you been there yourself? If not, I recommend you give it top priority on your list of places to see in Europe. It's just gorgeous. I also got to see my friend Teri again, which was great. She was an exchange student here at Dortmund from Oct-Dec. She showed me round her home town, Kladno, 20km or so from Prague. I also went to her apartment for dinner. I'm flying back to the UK on Sat with Graham. He's never been to the UK before, so we're going to tour the country for two weeks (with a stop-off in Dublin for the weekend).

Make the most of your week's vacation. You certainly deserve it! smiley - biggrin

ttyl, Lizzy smiley - smiley

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I did. Thank you.

Ole is my fiance/boyfriend/living-in-with-guy and has been for (counting... smiley - yikes) twelve-thirteen years or so.

I wish you a great tour-of-England.

I have been to Prague - 1993 - and as has Ole - 1989 - and we may yet both return there. We have an exchange-student from Bratislava on our school currently, so I feel urged to go again soon.

C ya. - KC

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Brontë Babe (orig. 'Lizzy Gold' but fancied a change of name)

Hi there

Graham and I had a fantastic whistle-stop tour of England, visiting: Woodstock, London, Oxford, Warwick, Liverpool, Leeds, York and Bath. We spent the weekend in Ireland, going to Belfast and Dublin. Graham's now showing me around the US. I spent a few days in New York City - have you been there? It's such a cool place, I love it. We then came down to Nashville, Tennessee (where he lives) and have been over to Knoxville (where he goes to University). Tomorrow we're going to spend a few days in Miami and then hopefully a couple of days in New Orleans before I have to fly back to the UK (Graham's not staying in the US, though - he's flying off to visit a friend in Japan! smiley - wow ).

What are you up to at the moment in Copenhagen?

Cheers, Lizzy smiley - tea

Practical chopsticks and slurping soup

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I've never left European soil, I'm afraid. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, Austria, the Csech Republic and Albania. That's about it.
It seems to me, you guys travel a lot. "Off to visit a friend in Japan..." Right...

Oh, and I'm not really doing anything in Copenhagen as I live in Aalborg, Jutland. Here I am currently working my *ss to shreads, but as always, it is a worthy challenge to have my job. (Teacher - remember?)

C ya - KC

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