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Not Shakespeare

One fact this entry overlooked is the taste of the utensil.

Lick a fork. Now lick a chopstick. Only one of them has the metalic taste that runs good Chinese food.

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Not Shakespeare

"that ruins Chinese foods" not "runs Chinese food" - Forks don't make deliveries.

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Miss Cherry13

Bleurgh! Licking wooden chopsticks makes me feel all funny smiley - rolleyes

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I prefer lacquered Japanese style (tapered to a point) chopsticks, and find the lacquer is as close to tasteless as possible. The current fad for stainless steel looks flash, but has that metallic taste.

If you use bamboo (or wooden) chopsticks, recommended procedure is to treat them as you would a wok. Season with oil or marinade to allow them to absorb the flavour of the food. Wipe clean or wash in clear water - never use dishwashing detergent, or that's the flavour they will pick up.

Plastic? Why would you?

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Well Fork lift trucks do deliver food.


I agree Chopsticks are a central part of the organoleptic experience.

El Bulli led the way in Western Europe in including the utensils and plate in the experience.

How does food taste by hand?

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