A Conversation for Freemasonry - a Question and Answer Session

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Here is another useful point of contact for those who may be interested in furthering their knowledge about Freemasons and Freemasonry in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Territories overseas.

The Grand Lodge of All England
Rivendell House
4/5 Holme View
West Yorkshire
Telephone: 0113 203 7233
email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.grandlodgeofallengland.org/
Blog: http://grandlodge.blogspot.com

The Grand Lodge of All England bears no connection with The United Grand Lodge of England.

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For those who think that Freemasonry is just for men, there are Women only Masonic orders and Co-Masonic orders (for men and women).

Most of the 'men only' Masonic Orders don't accept Co-Masonry as being regular masonry but on the other hand, they don't accept each other either.

The proceedings in Lodge are the same as in other masonic orders.

If you are interested in joining a Co-Masonic group, you can contact head office:-


or in the UK


or in the US


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Grand Lodges all have their own laws, rules and regulations. The only measure of regularity is adherence to the Ancient Landmarks of the Order. Regularity is not the property of any one Grand Lodge.

Each Grand Lodge, and each type of Grand Lodge, or Grand Orient, has something different to offer. Our Grand Lode cannot take every applicant, because there are standards to meet. That is true of other Grand Lodges.

We recommend that anyone who is genuinely interested in becoming a Freemason, should take some time to research the subject and carefully choose the Grand Lodge which most closely reflects their religious or spiritual beliefs and needs.

This is a serious decision. Many, too many, join the first Lodge they come across and end up unhappy or dissatisfied with the experience.

Peter Clatworthy
Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of All England

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