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Yo momma's so tall when she measures her height it exceed six feet!

Yo momma's so happy she smiles a lot at nothing at all!

Yo momma's so fit she can do two laps around the block and barely break a sweat!

Yo momma's so female she's got two tits and a c**t!

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Post 22


your mom's so fat, i rolled over twice and was till on top of her

Your mom's like a stop sign...on every corner

Your mom's so poor her boobs are real

Your mom's so ugly, she's only been married once

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Post 23

Patches (God of nothing worth being a God of) Ps: 24-4+13+0+9=42!!!!!

Yo mamma's so fat, when she jumps, the world comes toward HER 'cos of gravitational forces.

Yo mamma's so fat, when she steps off the curb, people swerve to miss her and they RUN OUTTA GAS!

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Post 24


Yo mamma's so fat, she fell in love and broke it smiley - biggrin

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Post 25


yo mamma's so fat when she wears a white dress, they show home movies on her!

Yo mamma's so fat when she got on the ferris wheeel, the two guys on top starved to death!

Yo mamma's so fat she's scared of her shadow, cos she thinks it's a crowd following her

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