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Camembert and Feet - a Scientific Link

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William of Middenshire, Keeper of Mammals Beginning with "W" and Goatee Beards

A doctor recently told me that the bacteria present in Camembert are identical to those that exist on "ripe" feet.

So nice to know that one's GPs are at the cutting edge of scientific knowledge.

Eh, Cheesy?

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Jeff Mutton

Indeed, I've been harvesting said curd for some time now and it goes down a treat at the Rotherham MBC gourmet eveninings. All it takes is a little presentation for the lower-middle classes to suspect nothing:

"Eeyar, Keith, have a go at some o' this cheese"

"Alright, let's have a sniff first. Whooh, it's a bite ripe, Brian. Smells like your Linda's toes did after comin' off o' t'moors t'other weekend"

"Aye I know, he he. Says it's med on cows' milk though, and it's French so it must be decent grub and that"

"Stinks like feet though dunnit"

"Aye, but it's French, Keith, so it must be posh nosh"

"Aye go on then, giz a taste..."

Eh, Cheesy?

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Loup Dargent

hmmmmm....smiley - boing

sounds like someone got access to proper camembert here...smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrin

loupsmiley - fullmoon

Eh, Cheesy?

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Jeff Mutton

How do you get those little emoticon things to appear?

Eh, Cheesy?

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Loup Dargent

oh right... no problem...

this one smiley - biggrin is biggrin between < > or if you prefer:

< biggrin > without the spaces...

smiley - wah is also a good one < wah >
same principle...

smiley - boing < boing >

there is a list somewhere... but can't remember off hand...

if you type smiley in the search box you should get the link for the smileys page...

smiley - cheers oh and we need some smiley - redwine to go with the camembert...smiley - whistle

loupsmiley - fullmoon

Cheesy Facts

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William of Middenshire, Keeper of Mammals Beginning with "W" and Goatee Beards

Apparently, Samuel Pepys buried two cheeses in his garden to prevent their being consumed by the Great Fire of London.

Anyone else out there have any interesting cheese-related facts?

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