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Dangerous Self-Protection?

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I want to say first that I've admired your style for some time. Forthright + thoughtful is a rare combination.

A lot of people who acquire guns do so simply for self-protection, but many don't get, or even think about, training. There may be a lot of people putting themselves at a greater risk through firearm accidents than the risk posed by crime. Any statistics? Anything being done to relieve the problem? Are there people who should just be dissuaded from owning a self-defence weapon for their own good?


Dangerous Self-Protection?

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I do not think the self protection argument is valid in the UK.

Dangerous Self-Protection?

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Researcher 203508

I read somewhere, and believed though happy to be put right, that far more people get killed in US homes from either deliberate or accidental misuse within the family than from any number of home invasions. Isn't it the case that Yanks just love guns?

Dangerous Self-Protection?

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I never said that self-protection was a valid argument in the UK.
I personally don't believe that it is.

Dangerous Self-Protection?

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It has nothing to do with "yet". I'm talking about facts.
If you hold a gun legally and store it in a way that is compliant with UK law it is NOT going to much good for self defence.

Dangerous Self-Protection?

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

Thanks for the kind words.

I don't have any statistics.

There are a lot of places that teach shooting and safety skills. The police department and the sheriff's office in my county both teach shooting self-defense and gun safety. Our sheriff has a junior deputy program addresses gun safety as early as the 6th gGrade (12 y/o). The NRA also provides training and holds shooting competiions to hone your skills as tdo numerous local gun clubs. Many gun stores have a range and some training available.

It's out there.

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