A Conversation for Gun Safety


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Tonsil Revenge (PG)

Hey, Matt, your family was there for what Revolution?

You can't be for sure that someone in your family did not wave that Peacemaker in a menacing manner at someone.

Besides, our families don't tell us everything. Some times they don't tell us anything.

Now if Tibet had just had a treaty with the Swiss...


Post 62

Matt as a Hadder (The former MattP, just trying to be more creative.)

Honestly, all of them. They were not in TX at the American Revolution, but they were in it. And then they did fight in the TX revolution, and unfourtunately on the wrong side in the American Civil War. Just for kicks I will mention that I also had some fighting in the War of 1810 - American Revolution Round 2.

As far as waving the gun menacingly, what's wrong with that? If by waving a gun, you keep from firing it, isn't that a good thing? This sounds too much like the arguments against the less-than-lethal weapons the police in the US have now. The point is to do the least damage and only when you have to.

Now don't make me come shoot you.


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