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What do you have a gun for?

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I no longer have any sort of firearm but in the past I have possessed a UK Shotgun licence & UK Amended Black Powder Licence (allowed me to hold a limited amount of Black (gun) Powder for immediate use).

I also owned a variety of matchlock & flintlock muskets & carbines (which under UK law qualify as Shotguns), I had these so I could participate English Civil War Battle re-enactments.

What do you have a gun for?

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

I have a two Glock .40 calibre guns. One is a Glock 22 full size model that I purchased to go through the police academy. The other is a Glock 27 sub-compact that I carry off-duty and for back up. One of the nice features here is that the magazine for the Glock 22 will fit in the Glock 27. If something were to happen to my main gun, I can still use all the ammunition for my back-up.

I also have a German pistol that my grandfather found during WWII.

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