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Dinnerlady [The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom]William Blake. Top lad:)

Hey there
Good stuff, pretty interesting and scarily reminds me too much of my formative years when every Saturday our lounge was taken over by 15 year old "revival" mods, with parkas and bowling shoes everywhere, watching Quadrophenia, as my brother was really into the scene.

By some quirk of timing, I always walked in either at the point where Jimmy was shouting at the postman for trashing his scooter, or Leslie Ash said the immortal words "So we 'ad it off together, but that don't mean nothin'."

Aaaah, the 80s. smiley - smiley

My brother's still into it, so if you fancy reminiscing with him, have a look at http://www.modrevival.net. If not, then hey, whatever, but you've brought a smile to my face with your posting anyway.


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Thanks! Sorry for the slow response.

Yeah, I was too young to be 'in' the Mod revival, but I always thought they looked pretty cool. Do see an awful lot of scooters about still, especially in London. The occasional one is mirrored-up, which must be a nightmare in the rush hour...

Right. I'm off to check that link.



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Number Six

And Jimmy's embittered response... "Well, it did to f***ing me!"

I've always wanted a scooter, but have never quite got round to buying one. When I moved up to Leeds, a car seemed more logical.

smiley - mod

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Hi i was a mod in the 80s best days of my life smiley - biggrin, grown up now with a family now' i try to get to the odd doo' i've still got my scoot as the scooter scene as big as it was then. i kept all my suits to which drives my wife up the wall, my wee boy will feel what a mohair suit will feel like one day. he already has his 1st scooter at 9yrs old and been to a few rallies with me.

i'll never forget the comraderie between us all each mayday 200 strong gathering,checking out eachothers new clothes,many a time being called gay coz i looked at the laddies instead of the lassies.
i still get the same feeling in my gut when i go to organised dances,watchig the dancers listening to the music...soul/ 6ts mod/ ska/ RnB etc etc ....... superb.smiley - cheers

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