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"Message for you, sir"

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Just an innocent bystander

There are just too many brilliant sketches in this (in my opinion best Python) movie to recall but this one had me on the floor with laughter. (Guess I needn't tell all you fans where this line occurred smiley - winkeye)

Also the discussion before throwing the "Holy Hand Granade of Antioch" is classic. Or the part where they discover they should have actually been inside the Rabbit for the invasion to work.

And the part where ... oh dear, I'm off again ...


"Message for you, sir"

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Researcher 225486


"Message for you, sir"

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Dr. Knowitall

ecky, ecky, petwang zoom wa wrmumle

"Message for you, sir"

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By far the best Python movie, I am in agreeance...

"Message for you, sir"

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You! Researcher 225486! Are you saying "ni!!" to that old woman?!

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"Message for you, sir"

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