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Norton II

it's a good article, but I wish you'd mentioned Tesla's involvement in the AC affair. see my own article at:


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Uncle Ghengis

Yup. That Edison was a nasty guy to upset. I'm sure Joseph Swann thought so too.


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5th Earth (speaker to the void)

I feel sorry for Tesla. Edison and Tesla were comparable minds--both revolutionized everything they put their mind too. Unfortunately, while Edison was merely a vindictive jerk, Tesla was literally insane, which rather limited his accomplishments in life.


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To be honest, I don't see a big issue. Surely Edison is celebrated heavily in the USA -- but only there -- because Americans love heroes.

On the other hand, I haven't learned more about Edison than about Tesla, neither at school nor at the university. But I use his name almost every day because the most imporant magnetic unit is named after him. But no system of units knows "Edisons" or "Marconis".


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Uncle Ghengis

BTW... Joseph Swann developed and demonstrated an electric-light in England at about the same time as Edison and the two fought for the rights to the device. Apparently there were other contenders too.

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