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St John's Wort

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I just wanted to post a little bit about St John's Wort - it can be just as, if not more, effective than taking Prozac in some circumstances, but it should be avoided in the case of manic depression.

This herb is wonderful this time of year, as it boosts the level of serotonin when we're all needing it due to the short hours of sunlight!

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St John's Wort

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Yes, it is good stuff.
Even my mind gets uplifted.
(and it also gives a better bloodcircultation),

But keep two things in mind;
1) There is an interaction between St.John's Wort and regular anti-depression medications. It pushes it partly out of your blood.
That doesn't mean you should not use it when taking medication,
but realise this side effect and let your subscriber know.

2) it makes your skin more sensitive for sunshine.

Greatings from Amsterdam

St John's Wort

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Personally I suffer from severe depressions almost from early childhood, but in my case it is merely "under my skin". I don't trace it that easily and many, mány years I didn't recognize it as "depression".
Besides my medication (Tryptizol) I started using Hypericum Performatum = St. Johns Wort and even on mé, it has a good effect, because it triggers the most "obstinate" classical symptom of depression: bad sleeping in all thinkable manners.But I use a lot.
However; it has sideseffects as I mentioned before.

Another winner in my case is the Herb ELEUTHEROCOCCUS or Siberian Ginseng (which is totally different than all the other Ginsengs).
It is an adaptogen= it adapts your body and mind in stressfull situations. It has a normalising (!) effect on mind and body. I can really feel the difference in the day and in the night. (Maybe this herb might be problematic for woman. I didn't need to remember.I'm sorry...)

And out of the world of "vitamins" I benefit from;

- the Amino Acid L-Tryptophaan, which is allowed in The Netherlands and not in the USA. I don't know about the UK.
But Tryptophaan is expensive.

- Melatonine doesn't do me any good and is forbidden in Holland, but allowed in the USA.I don't know about the UK.It's mainly used against jet lags. Our body makes melatonine itself. But to may it helps to improve their moods ánd sleep.

-NAD (or also NADH)= Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is a so called "coenzyme" of vitamine B3, which means it works in combination of Vit. B3 in our body.
But véry expensive.

And last but not least; I got because of extreem stress a fluctuating blood sugar level. We all know that severe depression really sucks.
But also in this case I realised it after mány, many years.
In my case stress has exactly the same effect on my blood sugar level as eating white bread.

What really helps me, besides not eating white sugar and other "cultivated" food; I start the day with a large amount of oat meal and only on this diet I walked half the Pyrenees on my own. An absolute miracle!! Unbelievable. I did it in 1995. Wonderfull experience.

Herbs and vitamins that became real friends;

Polygonum (latin name); very cheap and very effective. It's a herb and you can easily buy it. It stabilizes the sugar level.I don't make tea of it, I just eat it raw with some orange juice.(no difference with herbs in capsules; that's also raw)

And the Amino-acid L-Taurine became an inseparable friend: It gives my body and mind real and effective energy and it's not so expensive.
It's also for sale without capsules and therefore cheaper.

I thought, I realy had to tell you all my personal experiences with herbs and "vitamins" , beside my daily medication. I'm not playing doctor, I'm trying to be a usefull compagnon.

Herbs and Vitamins take me some further away from the everlasting abyss, which is always somewhere around.

Keep going, all of you and dón't give up!!
(My doctor said these days, "I don't understand how you can survive all of this. "Well", I said, "maybe I survive purely out of protest.
I'll stick here on this earth as long as I can!".

We are worth it, are'nt we?!
We surely do; ALL of us.I mean ALL, inculding YOU that reads this!

My greatings from Amsterdam,

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