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For those deficient in magnesium, it can also help overcome depression. Its worth googling 'magnesium' and 'anti-depressant' if you want to find out more, there is a lot on the subject.


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A lot of the scientific papers for this subject are on mice, but research is coming out now for humans. Thought I should cite an example though so I don't get accused of trying to deliberately harm people through making medical advice (again smiley - yawn)

Don't up your mg dosage though if you are on ssri's, discuss it with your doctor first. Its always better to up dosage through natural foods, so increase your green and stuff and nuts first as well. Obviously I should add as a disclaimer, do not increase your nut intake if you believe you have a nut allergy or you have been diagnosed with a nut allergy. Hope thats enough disclaimers to keep those who accuse me of bad advice at bay, obviously I would also add, never take someones advice as 100% true, always research things for yourself as well. That includes advice from doctors, as I have been given bad advice from them as well!

'Magnesium is a favorite antidepressant nutrient of mine. The Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed the magnesium-depression relationship 30 years ago. Magnesium helps to relieve anxiety and the debilitating insomnia so many depressed people suffer from. Magnesium is found in nuts and leafy green vegetables'

came from http://www.weightandwellness.com/id41.html

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