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I Ching - Fu hsi Trigrams and Maps.

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Fu Hsi or Fuhhi or Pao Hsi is attributed with the invention of the trigrams, but also because he is also attributed with the invention of the Yellow River Map - and in other texts with the magic square of the Lo River Map it can safely be said that the two maps, trigrams and hexagrams work as a whole (together), therefore the hexagrams were not invented by another sage at a later date than who ever (as Fu hsi is a mythical character of unknown origin or age - poss 3500 BC according to who you read). By working out both maps - I can say the Yellow River Map produces the hexagrams within the 4 outer and 5th inner square by giving all the trigrams a correct sequence as multiples of x 6, and that after its workings are completed, all its hidden values are revealed by the Lo River Map. All the hexagrams fit into the squares as light and dark opposites symetrically, and all their values match when paired, the light and dark male female creatures (as they are referred to) are put into the vessel (the maps construct the universal container) 2 by 2.
I believe any confusion has arisen because the workings of the hexagrams or the cubic hexagons, which is their real form, has not been for aeons been unravelled. But I also would like to put forward a way I have found to produce values that are lunar, solar, and sidereal.

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I Ching - Fu hsi Trigrams and Maps.

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