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The numbers contained in the yellow and lo river maps can be put together as a progression of 5 and 10's to form 4 outer squares, and a 5th inner square of values, as opposites of the original trigrams called heaven and earth. The trigram of Heaven has all light lines and is odd numbers 1,3,5, etc, and Earth is all broken lines and are even numbers 2,4,6, etc - ten numbers are given to form the maps, so all the squares are formed from the numbers 1 to 10 - this thereby produces a hexadecimal progression, which is binary (odd and even - light or dark) and is cubic (a cubic hexagon).
That Chinese maths were dismissed as wrong as it had 5 instead of 4 squares has therefore been found to be wrong. The combination of the squares that contain the cubes or Hexagrams as symetrical opposites, firstly produces a Lunar value of 2160 per square or 8640 in total, the hours in a season, and the complete year, and then in total give the value of equinoxal precession (the rise and fall of the heavens).

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