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The marbles method

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

There's also a third way using marbles. It's important that the marbles are all the same size and feel.

You need sixteen marbles (or other coloured stones) in all as follows:

seven of one colour = yin
five of another colour = yang
three of a third colour = yang changing to yin
one of a fourth colour - yin changing to yang.

This method is a quick as the coins method, but has the same accuracy as the yarrow stalks method.

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The marbles method

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Sea Change

Put them in a bag and draw 3 of them out blind? Do you need to put a drawn marble back in the bag after it has been selected?

The marbles method

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Zarquon's Singing Fish!

Sorry, I obviously didn't say.smiley - sadface

You draw them out one at a time and put each one back before the next draw, so that the odds of drawing any one out at any time are always the same.

I use this method every time.smiley - smiley

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