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Practice safe sun.

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Day 1: Here in south Florida, tourists, especially those from colder parts of the world, are instantly recognizable after their first day here. The natives are often pretty pale, believe it or not. You don't believe that the sun really IS stronger, and go spend a few hours on the beach to get a tan and 'blend in'. *sigh* Half an hour without sun protection is plenty for almost anyone to get a good sunburn started.

Day 2: Yep. You'll wake up bright red, swollen, often with blisters. A good sunburn doesn't seem to fully develop until you've slept on it. You'll wake up in the wee hours with every part of your body in severe pain, even your scalp and the tips of your ears. Your feet are likely to be so swollen that you can't get your shoes on. If the sun touches your body for even a moment today you'll know EXACTLY what it feels like to be a vampire who stayed out too long.

By the end of your stay, you'll probably start that sexy peeling. The perfect tan you wanted to go home and show off to your friends will look like full-body dandruff. Every time you take your clothes off there will be a flurry of dead skin drifting to the ground. It'll itch.

When you're in the tropics, USE SUNSCREEN. Use it every time you go out. The SPF rating works like this: Say it takes 15 minutes before you start to burn. You multiply the minutes by the SPF and that'll tell you approximately how long you have before you'll be sunburnt. SPF 10 gives 150 minutes. The highest SPF in a product is the highest protection rating you'll get. SPF 10 along with SPF 15 does NOT give SPF 25. You'll need to reapply. Read the directions. And enjoy your stay. smiley - cool

Practice safe sun.

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This doesn't just apply in the tropics.

If you're in New Zealand in summer, DON'T try to get a tan. Just don't. You won't tan, you will burn.

The sun there is vicious, if you are pale you can start to burn in fifteen minutes.

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Practice safe sun.

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