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Kebabs are universal

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Researcher Major Woody

I was quite astonished to see that the author of this entry was a Englishman. The reason is that the exactly same desciption would go for a Swedish kebab. We don't got any kebabs of our one, i.d. kebabs of Swedish origins, we got them from foreigners from the Middle East who have moved to Sweden. Some 15 years ago kebabs were a bit exotic, today you don't eat them if you don't relly have to.

Is it possible that kebabs are universal and look the same all over the globe? I'd be interested in hearing from other countries if other people have the same experience of kebabs.

In Sweden we have a special sort of kebab, called the kebab roll. It's a hybrid of a pizza and a kebab. As bread for the kebab, you use the dough from a pizza, but you don't eat it like a pizza. Instead you make a big roll of it, stuffed with meat, vegetables and sauce.

Kebabs are universal

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It's the same in Germany!
Kebabs are made in turkish fast-food-shops, the description really fits. "Gerollte Döner"(rolled Doner) also exist, being a mixture of pizza and Döner.

Kebabs are universal

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Doctor Piorno

In Spain we have kebabs, too, but only regular ones (not those fancy rolled ones you talk about). In fact, in Barcelona there's a fast food brand (Burger King-like) which is having a huge success in spite of the fact that their kebabs are possibly the worst in the whole universe.

By the way, kebab shops in Spain usually sell falafel too. In case you don't know what that is, it's some kind of fried chickpea paste in the shape of a hamburger, and it is served in the same way as kebabs (i.e. inside a piece of bread of some description, with lettuce and an assortment of horrendously spicy sauces).

Kebabs are universal

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I've never seen one of these fabled pizza rolls, the best I've seen is a 'Döner Naan', basically döner meat (lamb?) in a large naan bread... enough for about 3 people (or 1 drunk person smiley - winkeye ).

I used to live near a kebab shop which did massive kebabs for the unbelievably low price of 3 uk pounds and 50 new pence... smiley - biggrin And, they were nice*!

Now I have to make do with chicken curry and chips... I'm not too sad about the swap... smiley - biggrin

smiley - run

* For a given value of nice, of course. smiley - winkeye

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