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kebabs - no bread

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i agree - donner kebabs do always have bread with them (pita by default) but kebabs that you eat on a barbeque have no bread.......

kebabs - no bread

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OK, to clarify...

Donner Kebab - sliced meat, origin unknown, served in a pitta bread, sometimes with salad, often with chilli distillates. Originally Greek, or somewhere around that area depending on who nicked the recipe from whom. Invariably served to students too drunk to realise the full horror of what they're eating.

Shish Kebab - cubes of meat, origin unknown (but sometimes "tastes like chicken"), served on long metal skewers. Eating them the logical way (i.e. lengthways) should be avoided unless a) you are a trained sword-swallower or b) you have starred in several movies of a dubious, or even pornographic nature, and are called Debbie. Not that I'd know anything about the subject, of course.

Sharmi kebab - rissoles of meat, origin unknown. Nuff said.

Fajita - bits of meat (origin usually identifiable IME) with bits of vegetables, wrapped in a flour tortilla.

Taco - spawn of Satan.

Oh, OK, they aren't *that* bad. Meat usually identifiable as "tastes like chicken" or "tastes like beef"

BeegMak - flat rissoles of sawdust tinged with meat, seared, dripping grease and served in a Bun(TM). Often with Lettuce(TM), and occasionally with Cheese(TM).

Sandwich - anything that stayed still long enough, served between two slices of stale bread. On freshness - see So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. Regarded as a delicacy by the clinically insane.

kebabs - no bread

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Get onto that Moxon bloke and make him add your bits, Spy. Ideally, there should be a Kebab article with headers for the different types. They might even link it into the best kebab shops entry. They've also forgotten to mention that chilli sauce comes in two varieties, that which looks nice and that which tastes nice.

kebabs - no bread

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sounds like something we call Gyros here in the states(and probably also in Greece where I beleive they originated). They consist of pita bread, bits of meat made of of lamb and other assorted scary stuff, onions and peppers, and cucumber sauce.

kebabs - no bread

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Cucumber sauce?
Is the meat (which is only allegedly constructed from lamb) soaked in a tub of warm spiciness before inclusion in the bread?

kebabs - no bread

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It isn't soaked in spicy anything. The meat is seasoned in a tub containing 8 of the worlds most dangerous fats, mostly from the middle east.

kebabs - no bread

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Donner kebab: in pitta bread? Oh dearie me nay, and thrice nay.
Donner Kebabs MUST be built up on a large NAN bread, which is finally wrapped around the content, and then coated in enough paper to soak up a small proportion of the sauce drips. This creates an object roughly the size and weight of an average housebrick. Two quid with a free can of guava drink ( Manchester 2006 ). The object can optionally be taken home. This then provides enough sustenance to feed an average family of five, or one student. Size matters. Pitta based kebabs are inferior in all ways, and mainly sold for profit, rather than as an ongoing act of revenge for the Crusades.

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