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I'm on a kebab crusade...

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One day when I'm an eccentric and wealthy man (I'm halfway there already), I intend to publish a book on the complete history of kebab and how this dish conquered the world.

In my book I will once and for all settle the argument what the kebab meat really is, and where to find the world's best kebab.

So far I have only sampled kebab in a dozen countries, so there is still much more research remaining. Contrary to what could be thought, eating kebab in different countries has never brought any unwanted consequences to my health.

Kebab is not as unhealthy as pizza or hamburgers, since they in general come with a generous helping of salad and very little or no cheese and mayonnaise.
Unless, that is, you order kebab with fries, no salad, double mayonnaise - then all bets are off.

The only kebab I've had that tasted truly awful was one that I purchased in the docks of Toulon, but that's a different story...

Keep an eye out for my booksmiley - smiley

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I'm on a kebab crusade...

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