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It is not always the drivers fault

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It must be appreciated that many cities / towns in this country started small and have gradually grown through the centuries. When the roads and pavements were originally constructed there was little demand for car parking spaces. We now have a high demand for parking but our streets were simply not designed for them. If we could start again then we would have roads wide enough to accomodate pavements, parked cars and through-traffic. Much like the US. However we can't.

This not only inconveniences pedestrians but drivers as well. Oftentimes a driver will not be able to park within a 1/2 mile radius due to lack of parking space.

I happen to live on a street where the road is two car-widths wide and 1.5 meter wide pavements. The problem is that none of the houses have gardens / driveways. The surrounding streets have an identical layout. What would you propose me and my neighbours do? If we don't half-park on the pavements then we would not be able to park at all!

I have been the frustrated pedestrian with a buggy unable to pass a parked car. I have also been the driver that had no choice but to park the car on the pavement. The issue is not one of laziness or blame. It is simply

It is not always the drivers fault

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I'm not really here

I have to disagree. If you would rather block a pavement for pedestrians than walk from your car back to your house, then that is laziness. I'm lucky now that I can park outside my house, but I used to have a council garage that meant a ten minute walk back to my house when I used it because I couldn't park near where I lived.

Perhaps you should petition the local council for a residents car park or for the pavements to be altered.

It is not always the drivers fault

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Roads are for vehicles to travel on.
Pavements are for pedestrians to travels on.
Car Parks are for vehicles to park

Any vehicle parked on any road is an obstruction.

There should be no parking on any road, anywhere. It is a pity that this was not enforced at the start of the motoring age as then parking facilities would have grown in parallel with need.

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